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Venta de Naranjas y Mandarinas (entrega a domicilio) (+34) 616 22 66 55

Mandarines Clementines Clemenules 15kg



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Product Description: Tangerines Clementinas Valenciana Online
Variety: Clemenules

Fruit of medium size, ideal for both adults and children. Round and slightly flattened shape, your skin is bright, thin and easy to peel orange. The segments are separated without difficulty by making it very suitable for infant consumption and has almost no seeds. The clemenules is harvested from November. The palate has a sweet and pleasant flavor, has a lot of high quality juice and little pulp.

A 100% natural product. We collect them at their optimum maturation moment and package them with care so that they arrive at your house without unnecessary delays, without going through de-chalking chambers, without preservatives or polishing treatments.

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If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at +34 964 04 68 83 or send an email to info@supernaranjas.com. We will be happy to assist.

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If you're going to buy oranges or mandarins, did you know that.....

Here are some known beneficial properties of our Supernaranjas and mandarins:

Regularly eating these fruits is a fantastic source of antioxidants! They're full of vitamin C, folic acid, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. Not only that, but they also help intestinal transit and fortify our natural defences, helping to keep us protected from colds and other illnesses all throughout winter.

You've never tried anything like it!

Since we leave our oranges on the tree until they have perfectly matured, the taste and the health benefits of our freshly picked oranges and mandarins are unique, and incomparable to the ones bought in a supermarket.

Supernaranjas is a small, family run business operating on site in the orange grove, and online. We offer 100% natural, quality oranges and mandarins, which can be bought through our online shop at: https://www.supernaranjas.com or by calling us directly:  +34 964 046 883

When you place your order with Supernaranjas, we carefully select and pick your fruit. Then, we will have them from our trees to your table in just 24 hours.

Supernaranjas works all throughout the winter season, ensuring the best harvests of natural oranges and mandarins, ideal for eating or for making juice. Also, due to our short delivery times our oranges make the perfect natural, healthy gift.

Our online shop also offers other seasonal artisanal products, such as Citra beer made with local clementines, orange jams and marmalades with either cinnamon or cava, aged orange wine and excellent orange blossom honey. You can also find orange and mandarin recipes on our website, created by some of the best chefs in our region.

Visit our orange groves.

Supernaranjas offers tasting sessions and tours of the orange groves at Planta Baja in La Costa de Azahar, with different activities depending upon the time of year. Find out more about these tours↓.


Our social commitment

Sustainable economics is not our only raison d´être. Supernaranjas also works with social outreach programs in schools and colleges by running workshops designed to promote the culture surrounding orange growing.

We also feel that our presence in the main social networks is a real reflection of our work philosophy.

Harvest and sales seasons at Supernaranjas.

Mandarins: From October/November to March
Oranges: From November/December to May.

Supernaranjas, the best way to buy freshly picked, quality, healthy and exclusive mandarins and oranges, directly from the grove for you to enjoy at home. Just click here: https://www.supernaranjas.com



SuperNaranjas Official Homepage
Get to know us, we are the Supernaranjas family

The Proyect SuperNaranjas

Francisco Manuel Usó (engineer and smallholder), Borja Paul (marketer), Jorge Monsonís (telecommunications technician and electronic digital) and Daniel Garcia (Web development) are four entrepreneurs together to engender a modern and quality project based on new technologies.

Thus, a family dedicated to oranges for generations, and with a social feeling that economic SUPERNARANJAS PROJECT born with a twofold: dignify and acknowledge the work of smallholder farmers and offer our customers products of excellent quality, not only the taste of oranges and tangerines but also and above all, its social quality.

Paco Usó, the farmer has a long personal and professional experiences curd. Since child engaged in farm work, Paco possesses knowledge and experiences, therefore having worked for many years in various facets of agriculture. While tending their gardens as much as his family, Paco worked as a farmer for others, carrying large farms growing oranges, worked for 3 years in the agriculture section of regional television Canal 9. Between 1987 and 1991 he was the founding president of one of the most important naranjeras cooperatives Burriana, now defunct. He served for six years as a business consultant for a company that sells products and utensils for the care of orange and worked nine years in pricing and purchase of oranges for national and international trade. All this experience, knowledge and expertise have turned to the fields where they grow Supernaranjas now you enjoy something unique.

The pleasure of work well done and the recognition of a lifetime dedicated to the earth make every drop of juice from our oranges is a tribute to all small farmers. Agricultural knowledge, technical engineering, telecommunications and creativity come together to provide the SUPERNARANJAS PROJECT soundness and feasibility, where ideas are born in the country and reach the customer thinking and meeting the needs of both.

Our goal is to see a company grow supported by four pillars: the quality of our oranges, environment, economy and society. Developing our activity through solidarity, cooperation and generosity with farmers, suppliers and CUSTOMER, always practicing economy "bottom up".

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SuperNaranjas Mandarines Clementines Clemenules 15kg Mandarines Clementines Clemenules 15kg Product Description: Tangerines Clementinas Valenciana Online Variety: Clemenules Fruit of medium size, ideal for both adults and children. Round and slightly flattened shape, your skin is bright, thin and easy to peel orange. The segments are separated without difficulty by making it very suitable for infant consumption and has almost no seeds. The clemenules is harvested from November. The palate has a sweet and pleasant flavor, has a lot of high quality juice and little pulp. A 100% natural product. We collect them at their optimum maturation moment and package them with care so that they arrive at your house without unnecessary delays, without going through de-chalking chambers, without preservatives or polishing treatments. Product #: