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Natural freshly picked oranges from the tree

Shipping & Returns

Envíos y Devoluciones


To ensure fast and safe delivery all shipments are made via transport agency. The purchase of oranges and / or mandarins will be delivered to the address designated at the time of recruitment by the customer. The subsequent modification of the place of delivery requested by the customer is not possible, so the customer must ensure ordering the correct delivery address.

Customer fruit will be delivered by a transport company, along with the invoice data to identify customer is entered, the order, the total amount of reimbursement (for orders in the form of cash on delivery only) and the number of packages in the shipment.

You must provide the phone number of the person who will receive the package at the time of ordering.

Once the order has been placed in the hands of the agency is notified to you by email so you can be aware of its receipt. In addition, he provided the issue number for the customer to check the shipping tracking online and can be informed at all times of the status of your order.

If delivery of the order, the customer is not in the delivery address, the agency will leave a notice to be put in contact with the delivery service.


Accepted forms of payment are by reimbursement, credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.


You can report any issues regarding your order within 24 hours after receipt by sending an email to through the section "Contact" on our website, by phone at 964 046 883 or by pressing the "you free Call "website giving the details of your order. We will make an exchange or refund without any extra cost to you.

In case of return due to change of opinion, the return costs borne by the customer.

In any case, the return of any product requires agreement between Supernaranjas SC and client. Is not required to reimburse the price of the product or replace the product until Supernaranjas SC not check:

- For refund for change of mind that the product retains its original packaging without manipulating and has not been consumed.
- In the case of return because the product is defective, what is the default.
- In the case of return because the product received does not correspond to the customer purchased the product ordered and its correspondence to the product shipped.
In case the client to receive your package detects loss in delivery, find the package in poor condition or lack of any package must indicate on the delivery of the carrier, otherwise Supernaranjas SC will not be responsible for damaged goods or packages not received. Additionally, you must report the incidence of any of the above means a maximum of 24 hours.

SC Supernaranjas accept the return or replacement of any product provided that:
 1.  The customer makes the claim within 24 hours of receipt and proceed to return it within 3 days of receipt and in the case of refund for change of mind, has met the cost of return and the item is in perfect condition with its original packaging without manipulation.
 2.  The product is faulty. Supernaranjas SC shall substitute another of the same properties and immediate shipment.
 3.  The delivered product does not correspond to that requested by the client. Supernaranjas SC proceed to send the correct item.
In the event that the customer wants to cancel the order, you can do so if it has not the shipment. Order cancellations must be made by email or phone. If the customer already had satisfied the order amount, SC Supernaranjas return it within seven days by bank transfer to the account specified by the customer.

In the event that Supernaranjas SC saw it impossible to supply the requested product, proceed to refund the amount the customer satisfied.

SC Supernaranjas not accept returns that do not meet the provisions of this section.
Security and Guaranteed Payment - PayPal, Card, Cash on delivery Sending Orange with Included Shipping Costs 100% Natural Products Without Treatment Call FREE to answer any question about oranges and tangerines
Locate your shipment of oranges Redyser
Locate your shipment of oranges Redyser
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Deica Informática
SUPERNARANJAS S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to promote the technology, innovation and quality research, and thanks to which it has been able to incorporate innovation in its process commercial and customer loyalty, hiring an expert consultancy for it. This action took place during 2017.
To this end, it has received the support of the InnoCámaras program of the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón and co-financed by the Excma. Diputación de Castellón.
If you're going to buy oranges or mandarins, did you know that.....

Here are some known beneficial properties of our Supernaranjas and mandarins:

Regularly eating these fruits is a fantastic source of antioxidants! They're full of vitamin C, folic acid, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. Not only that, but they also help intestinal transit and fortify our natural defences, helping to keep us protected from colds and other illnesses all throughout winter.

You've never tried anything like it!

Since we leave our oranges on the tree until they have perfectly matured, the taste and the health benefits of our freshly picked oranges and mandarins are unique, and incomparable to the ones bought in a supermarket.

Supernaranjas is a small, family run business operating on site in the orange grove, and online. We offer 100% natural, quality oranges and mandarins, which can be bought through our online shop at: or by calling us directly:  +34 964 046 883

When you place your order with Supernaranjas, we carefully select and pick your fruit. Then, we will have them from our trees to your table in just 24 hours.

Supernaranjas works all throughout the winter season, ensuring the best harvests of natural oranges and mandarins, ideal for eating or for making juice. Also, due to our short delivery times our oranges make the perfect natural, healthy gift.

Our online shop also offers other seasonal artisanal products, such as Citra beer made with local clementines, orange jams and marmalades with either cinnamon or cava, aged orange wine and excellent orange blossom honey. You can also find orange and mandarin recipes on our website, created by some of the best chefs in our region.

Visit our orange groves.

Supernaranjas offers tasting sessions and tours of the orange groves at Planta Baja in La Costa de Azahar, with different activities depending upon the time of year. Find out more about these tours↓.


Our social commitment

Sustainable economics is not our only raison d´être. Supernaranjas also works with social outreach programs in schools and colleges by running workshops designed to promote the culture surrounding orange growing.

We also feel that our presence in the main social networks is a real reflection of our work philosophy.

Harvest and sales seasons at Supernaranjas.

Mandarins: From October/November to March
Oranges: From November/December to May.

Supernaranjas, the best way to buy freshly picked, quality, healthy and exclusive mandarins and oranges, directly from the grove for you to enjoy at home. Just click here: